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And then a HERO comes along...

HERO is a limited pre-order and is currently in production.

From $255.00 (ex. GST - Australian Customers only)

Every hero has an origin story.
Before we get into the details, explaining HERO’s pourquoi story is important.
HERO gets its name from our most important stakeholders - our wonderful community.

After posting a callout asking for help naming this keyboard, we fell in love with HERO as we scrolled through the hundreds of suggestions.
The rest is keyboard history.

Long-time fans of HIBI's short history will know our love for mixing materials, and HERO is no different. HERO combines silicone with aluminium to make a novel take on a 60% tray mount with a comfortable 5-degree typing angle.

The HIBI HERO represents everything we believe in when it comes to mechanical keyboards - thoughtful design and lovely acoustics (listen for yourself below).




    Offered in three colour ways, each aluminium top is milled from high-quality aluminium before being anodised. 

    The colours were chosen to reflect a mixture of existing and exciting colours, which are (more or less) inspired by some of our favourite mochi/ice cream flavours. 


    You’ll notice that the pleasing complementary silicone base offers a subtle two-tone look.

    The HERO in 'SOOT' also has a green glow base, which is pretty cool.


    The silicone base also offers several advantages in that it dampens the switch actuation sounds, making for a delightful sound profile.

    In addition to acoustic properties, the silicone base is deceptively heavy and has non-slip properties - reducing the need to add traditional ‘feet’.
    The base also serves a functional purpose, serving as the tray mounting point and integrating into the vents of the aluminium top piece. 

    The silicone base also features the HIBI logo because - of marketing.


    We’re proud to partner again with wilba.tech to produce the internal PCB for HERO, the WT60-H1 HIBI PCB.

    This PCB is VIA-compatible. It's also a standard tray mount case and compatible with other tray mount 60% PCBs on the market.

    It’s important to HIBI that we create products that continue our design language and offer cross-compatibility with our existing products - and other popular models in the market. 

    In this instance, HERO and JUNE share the same PCB/Plate. 

      We’re proud to partner with our friends at DAILY CLACK to offer a limited number of bundle deals for the PINE CLUB and SOOT colourways with the keyset that inspired our choice of colour.

      Firstly, DMK Ghost, which we envisioned, paired with the SOOT colourway, which can be bundled with your HERO for an additional $ 70 USD.

      Secondly, GMK Botanical 2, which we saw as the perfect pairing with HERO in PINE CLUBcan be bundled with your HERO for an additional $ 110 USD

      We appreciate that tracking down the perfect keycap set can be logistically challenging and frightening, so we appreciate the opportunity from Daily Clack to offer this substantial discount.

      • 1 x Aluminium Tray Case
      • 1x Silicone Base with ten molded brass inserts for mounting
      • 1 x WT60-H1 HIBI PCB (made by wilba.tech)
      • RAL9001 solder mask with matching Kailh hot-swap sockets
      • FR4 plate
      • Custom molded carry bag + various packaging
      • This product is sold without switches, stabilisers, keycaps or USB cables.
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        Pre-order close: 10 September 2023.

        FULFILMENT: 6-7 months from pre-order close 

        * Orders bundled with products will be fulfilled at the same time.


        Please be aware that due to the inherent complexities and variability of the anodising process, exact colour matching to provided references cannot be guaranteed. The nature of this process can result in variations in hue or saturation. While we endeavour to achieve the closest possible match, there may be slight deviations in the final anodised colour as compared to initial references or rendered images. The inconsistencies are due to the chemistry involved in anodising which can be influenced by numerous variables such as the alloy being anodised, bath temperature, time in the bath, and the concentration of the anodising solution. In particular, the final anodised product may not align with the rendered images 100 percent. This is not indicative of a fault or flaw, but rather a characteristic of the anodising process. By proceeding with your order, you acknowledge and accept these potential variations in colour. We appreciate your understanding and patience, and assure you that every effort is made to minimise these discrepancies while delivering a high-quality anodised finish.

        HERO qtr view left
        HERO base view
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