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Meet SIDE PIECE, our 8% keyboard.

(AKA 'SP-8')

SIDE-PIECE is HIBI's first macropad release, featuring a contactless rotary encoder for that free-spinning feel. 

Don't let the name fool you; SIDE-PIECE might sit beside your favourite keyboard - but it's designed to be the main character in your workflow.



Featuring a wilba.tech PCB, SP-8 features eight programmable keys, ready to serve at your command. When it comes to our products, no details are spared, and the PCB is no exception. SP-8 comes with translucent keycaps, so naturally, our PCB had to have in-switch RGB.

Although our parts department refers to it as 

WT8-KH-HIBI - we like to call it 'Cookie'. To keep things fun and easy, Cookie is a hot-swap PCB. 

This isn't your standard knob, and the contactless rotary encoder requires a custom subassembly, or ‘cradle’. Aside from adding to the build experience, this assemble has been tooled from ABS and contains a mixture of CNC'd aluminium and magnets.


It's hard to miss the big brass knob sitting north of SP-8, which we've aptly named 'Big Knob', controls the contactless rotary encoder.

Aside from being shiny and fun to spin, Big Knob and the eight keys are already programmable in VIA. All you need is a few clicks and some creativity.

For the base, we've opted to custom-make a silicone foot. The result is both visually beautiful - and functionally important - as the base piece improves the sound and grip of SP-8.

We're excited to share that all plastic parts have been fully tooled and are ready to go. We've spent over 12 months prototyping SP-8, iterating until we reached the final form, feel and function. We can't wait to deliver this limited run!

The encoder subassembly can also be used to fit regular ⌀19mm knobs. 

Big Knob and BLOCK Caps are included.

We have also launched four new colours in our BLOCK caps to celebrate the launch of SP-8. These can be added to your order, as well as existing orders!


  • 1 x Top Piece (Aluminium)
    • Snow Boy (E-White Finish) or  Midnight (Black Anodised Finish)
  • 1 x ⌀28.50 mm Big Knob (Brass with Silver PVD finish)
  • 1 x WT8-KH-HIBI PCB (AKA 'Cookie')
  • 1 x Black Custom Silicone Base
  • 8 x 1U BLOCK Caps (matching, as shown in renders)
  • 6 x Base screws
  • Contactless Rotary Encoder Subassembly:
    • 1 x Cradle (ABS)
    • 1 x Shaft (Aluminium)
    • 1 x Magnet Holder (Aluminium)
    • 1 x Magnet
    • 4 x Cradle Screws
<Order extra BLOCK caps here>


      The product you are about to purchase, namely the Side Piece, includes a plastic injection moulded cradle that may contain tooling marks or small tolerance variables. While we strive to ensure the highest quality of our products, please be aware that these marks or variables are a normal part of the manufacturing process and do not affect the functionality or safety of the product. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.