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Engraving: Front

Engraving: Back


Introducing our pet tags, lovingly crafted in the delightful shape of a bread tag, bringing a touch of HIBI to your beloved doughy floof!

Made from stainless steel, these tags boast durability that can endure playtime at the park, rainy walks or afternoon zoomies with ease. 

Complimentary engraving is included in every tag purchase, simply fill out the front and back engraving text boxes!



Mirror polished stainless steel + electroplated

Dimensions: 30.00*29.00*1.80mm 

Front engraving: Name

Back Engraving: Phone number (this can be two lines of two different phone numbers)

Engraving Font: Darkmode On CC Uppercase

Engraving Characters: Alphanumeric, spaces, &, -, + and .

Note: Engraving is optional (complimentary) and not eligible for returns



    good boy
    good boy girl
    lulu close up
    best buds
    goofy girl
    best boy