Katie's Mahjong Set

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HIBI offers a mahjong set to celebrate the Lunar Year of the Dragon! 🐲

The Dragon, also known as Loong, is the fifth of the 12-year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar.

If you're in our Discord, you know how much Kate loves Mahjong and how important it is to her. You'll also appreciate her excitement about sharing her passion with you all!

So, she set about and designed an entire suite of tiles, adding her signature HIBI touch. The artwork is a modern (yet cute) take on the classic mahjong sets. You'll notice Hibiki and Luna make a special appearance.

This set is available via limited pre-order.

Please note that Kate's Mahjong Set is quite heavy, and we've lowered the price to help take the sting off shipping. If you've ever packed away a set, you'll appreciate the heft. 


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  • 144 white melamine tiles with coloured backing
    • Each tile is approx 28.00*38.00*20.00mm
  • 3 x dice
  • Acrylic display box (packaging)

Set Count
Suited Dots 36
Bamboo 36
Characters 36
Honours Winds 16
Dragons 12
Bonus Flowers 4
Seasons 4


Production is extremely limited.

GROUP BUY: 10 February to 10 March 2024
ETA: Q3 2024


PRE-ORDER CLOSED (Manufacturing extras available)

In production.

Manufacturing samples produced and en route.

Manufacturing samples received and reviewed. The second round of samples (full set) is being made and due W1 May.

The second round of manufacturing samples was received and approved on 25 May. Full production for Mahjong sets, acrylic box and outer box has been placed. ETA two months to complete.




Please note that the colors depicted in renders and graphics may vary slightly during production. This variation is attributed to the intricacies of the tile production process, wherein the stock material may exhibit slight differences in hue compared to the images. While every effort is made to ensure color accuracy, the enamel fill used will be color-matched to the specified colors; however, there may still be variances in production. We appreciate your understanding of these inherent differences and assure you of our commitment to delivering products of the highest quality.