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Meet JUNE, our 60% keyboard.


Available as a full kit or body and plate only (no PCB)

$115 (pre-order pricing)





We're excited to be collaborating with WS PURQUOISE to offer a special edition JUNE keyboard that will blew your mind!

WS Purquoise represents the latest set from designer TyPo.mk (who you might know from GMK Orange Boi), featuring the exquisite Wuque Studio's doubleshot PBT keycaps. Staying true to its name, this set introduces a touch of style with sharp doubleshot legends set against a lively turquoise background adorned with speckles of regal purple. Additionally, it incorporates several elegant white accents to complete the aesthetic.

This special JUNE is flecking awesome, and the perfect pairing for the blew-ti-ful WS Purquoise set!



JUNE is a 60% keyboard with a unique design that blends our love for materials and soft edges.

JUNE was created with a clear vision in mind - to offer a fun, affordable, high-quality keyboard.

Featuring a wilba.tech PCB, JUNE, is constructed from silicone and is unlike anything else on the market. Aside from its unique aesthetic, JUNE sounds great, thanks to the thick moulded silicone tray and case.

Fulfilment details

  • JUNE is fully tooled with a proven 3-4 months production time.
  • We have ordered and approved prototypes for all colours.
  • This is a¬†limited¬†pre-order with no MOQ, meaning production will proceed regardless of the quantities sold.
  • Fulfilment ETA: 3-4 Months from pre-order close

Other important Details

  • JUNE is available¬†as a full kit (with PCB) OR body and plate only (no PCB).
  • Pre-order pricing will be available until JUNE is 'in stock'. At that point,¬†the price will increase.
  • For sound/typing tests, please visit our YouTube.
  • Shop our in-stock collection of JUNE keyboards¬†here.


  • 1 x¬†Silicone Tray Case with four stainless steel moulded inserts for mounting (480grams)¬†
  • 1 x WT60-H1 HIBI PCB (VIA compatible!) - full kit only
  • RAL9001 solder mask with matching Kailh hotswap sockets
  • FR4 plate
  • This product is sold without switches, stabilisers, keycaps or USB cables.

    Layout Options


    If you're interested in the keyset, please check out the various regional vendors here: 

    • China/Worldwide: Wuque Studios
    • US:¬†Cannonkeys
    • Canada: Deskhero
    • UK: ProtoTypist
    • EU: Keygem
    • Indonesia: Mechaland
    • Singapore: Qwertyqop
    • Aus: Switchkeys
    • MY: Rebult
    • TH: NTCH Keys
    • VN: Soigear
    • JP: Yushakobo
    • TW: Inpad


    Please be advised that the silicone moulded product you have purchased may contain some small flashing on the edges and flecks or particles due to the manufacturing process. These characteristics are normal and do not indicate a defect in the product. Please note that the product is designed to have good uniformity, which will be achieved during the assembly process. We assure you that we have taken all necessary measures to ensure the highest quality product, but please be aware that slight variations may occur. As seen in the photos, the sprinkles will pool at the top edges- the colour chip in the last photo is the same one photographed above. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you enjoy your purchase.

    purquiose front
    purquiose top
    purquiose detail 5
    purquiose detail 1
    purquiose colourchip match
    purquiose detail 2
    purquiose detail 4
    purquiose detail 3