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CINE - a clean and elegantly simple film case. Made from high-quality aluminium with an eye-catching black anodised finish, CINE is a picture-perfect treat for film enthusiasts.

The magnetic swivel lock keeps your film rolls safe and secure, though don't go diving with it - CINE isn't waterproof. The HIBI logo, subtly placed on the base, complements the case's design without being overbearing, striking the perfect balance between branding and aesthetics. A machined cavity offers easy attachment to keychain loops, making it a portable and convenient sidekick.

CINE may not be essential, but it's a delightful and understated addition to any film shooter's collection.



Aluminium - bead blasted and anodised 

Weight: Approx. 150g 

Fits: 2*35mm Film rolls



Estimated fulfilment is 5-6 months from pre-order close.*


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