Pre-order policy

HIBI endeavours to be as transparent as possible with fulfilment and shipping dates for pre-order products, however we are unable to guarantee shipping dates.

Prior to opening a pre-order, HIBI confirms production timelines with our manufacturing partners, to provide best estimates at the time of ordering. 

During the manufacturing process, it's possible these dates might shorten, or lengthen, due supply chain disruptions.

The HIBI team strives to mitigate disruptions, and does so by:

  1. Ensuring all pre-order products pass final prototype phase, and are production ready
  2. Investing in tooling, where necessary, prior to the pre-order launch to significantly shorten production timelines. 
  3. Working in tandem with our collaborators to ensure all components (PCBs, packaging, etc) are produced in a timely manner, to prevent avoidable production bottlenecks.
  4. Providing honest and detailed updates in our Discord.

Pre-order refunds

You are entitled to refund your pre-order at any point until your item has dispatched our Melbourne Warehouse.