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  • $55.00

Given that we've spent the last 12 months making all sorts of fun and collectible keycaps, we decided to create a matching presentation tray.

Introducing our ALL-SORTS keycap tray, available now for pre-order in black or silver.

Stylish storage for up to 10 artisan keycaps!


Anodised aluminium, silicone base

Dimensions: 120.00mm*49.00mm*10.00mm

Keycap cavities: 21.00mm*21.00mm, 5.00mm depth

Weight: 80.00g


PRE-ORDER CLOSES 10 December 2022

Fulfilment: Estimated fulfilment is 5-6 Months from pre-order close.*

* Pre-orders bundled with HIBIKI/Pudding Keycaps will be fulfilled at the same time. 

** If you would like to add an ALL-SORTS tray to your existing order, please email