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Introducing the new BLOCK caps, the perfect addition to any keyboard collection. These keycaps feature a square uniform profile with a spherical top for a comfortable and tactile typing experience.

The first run of Block Keycaps will be translucent, allowing your keyboard's backlighting to shine through, creating a unique and stylish look. The full polished tool finish ensures that the keycaps are smooth to the touch and made to last.


Translucent white
HIBI Uniform Profile 



    Please note that the injection molded keycaps you receive may exhibit slight variations in tolerance, particularly in terms of keycap thickness and keycap stem placement. These variances are a natural result of the injection molding process and may be influenced by factors such as the quality of the mold, the material used, and the specific injection molding machine used in production. Please note that this is the first production run of these keycaps, and as such, we are still refining our production processes and adjusting tolerances for better fitment in future runs. While we strive to minimize tolerance variances and ensure that all keycaps meet our strict quality standards, please be aware that some level of variance may be present in the final product.