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Our beloved Pudding Sculpt is available in 4 colours to celebrate the launch of HERO!

To mark this special occasion, we're doing our first limited and numbered edition keycap - the PUDDING R2 RAW. These keycaps are individually numbered 0-100 (laser etch) under the stem.

Please note: the finish on the PUDDING R2 CHOC is polished and different to R1, which is bead-blasted.

These units are in production, and therefore quantity is limited.

  • RAW (Silver polished) XXX/100
  • CHOC (Brown polished)
  • SOOT (Black bead blasted)
  • PINE CLUB (Green bead blasted)

  • ** Pudding Enjoyer Bundle - automatically save 10% when you purchase three or more Pudding R2 keycaps. **


    'Pudding' (R1)

    Anodised aluminium with polished or bead-blasted finish
    Cherry Profile - Escape Row


    5 August to 6 September 2023.


    ETA is 3-4 months following the pre-order close.*

    *We have a small quantity of CHOC R1 Puddings in stock. If you order those individually, they will ship immediately.


        Please be aware that the aluminium polished finish being offered is not a mirror-polished surface. While the outer surfaces of the product will be polished to enhance their appearance, it is important to note that all inner surfaces will retain a machined finish. This means that there may be visible tool marks, machining lines, or slight imperfections on the inner portions of the item. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions or concerns.