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In collaboration with GMK EVIL EYE, HIBI offers its first-ever collab tray and two collectable keycaps for you to eyeball. The optics are very good!

Focus now, there's more than meets the eye here. The evil eye is an ancient symbol of protection. After all, what's stronger than a silent malevolent stare?

As usual, we're not sorry for the cornea puns.


Anodised aluminium w/ tri-enamel fill, silicone base
Dimensions: 120.00mm*49.00mm*10.00mm
Weight: 80.00g

Keycap 1 + 2

Anodised aluminium w/ enamel fill.
Cherry Profile - R1, 1U

GROUP BUY: 2nd February - 2nd March 2022 


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