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In collaboration with GMK Camping R3, HIBI offers a collectable keycap.

This one's for the happy campers! Take a peak at our Enter key, designed to match the earthy tones of the iconic set, as it makes a return for round 3.

Keycap #1

Brass w/ silver PVD coating and enamel fill
Cherry Profile - R3 ANSI Enter 

PRE-ORDER OPEN: DEC 1 2020 - JAN 3 2022


These caps will be sold exclusively through:

US: Kono
EU: Oblotzky industries
UK: Prototypist
CA: Apexkeyboard
AUS: Daily clack
CN/Asia: zFrontier
SG/SEA: Monokei
South America: Fancy Customs
South Korea: SwagKeys