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Meet HIBIKI, our 65% keyboard.

HIBIKI is a 65% keyboard with a strikingly curved profile and a visually stunning injection-moulded polycarbonate base.



Important details: 

  • 65% layout
  • 6-degree typing angle
  • Isolation mount using 1.6mm PORON foam pads with a leaf spring plate
  • Aluminium Top
    • Machined, bead blasted and then either anodised/e-coated
  • Polycarbonate Base
    • Thick injection-moulded Polycarbonate, post-machined to remove markings and finished with additional polishing
  • wilba.tech WT65-H3-HIBI PCB
    • Supports full and split backspace, 7U and 6.25U spacebar
    • Over-current and ESD protection
    • Kailh hot-swap sockets rated at 5,000 cycles
    • QMK and VIA support
  • 4.0mm PORON foam sheet compressed between PCB and plate to optionally change the sound profile by filtering out higher frequencies to create a warmer tone
  • OPTIONAL: additional solderable PCB to support¬†ISO, 6.25U+5 mods, stepped capslock



HIBIKI is now fully-tooled

We've spent months tooling HIBIKI, with several rounds of prototypes prior to launching our pre-order. This allowed us to test, feel, review, and tweak the final product before launching it for sale.

The other upside - manufacturing times will be quicker. All tooling, such as the Polycarbonate base and custom feet, are completed and production-ready.

Please click here to see what to expect from our off-tooled injection moulded, post-finished parts! 


Overall Dimensions

Hotswap Layout Options
    • 1 x Aluminium top¬†

    • 1 x Polycarbonate base

    • 1 x wilba.tech¬†WT65-H3-HIBI PCB (hotswap)

    • 1 x 1.5mm polycarbonate plate¬†

    • 1 x¬†PORON sheet (Gaskets)

    • 1 x¬†PORON sheet - Plate foam

    • 4 x HIBI rubber feet

    • 8 x M2.5*12 mm Anodised Aluminium Hex Socket Head Screw¬†

    • 4 x M2 X 4 mm Stainless Steel Torx Socket Head Screw
    • 6 x M2 X 3 mm Stainless Steel Torx Countersunk Screw

    • 6 x M2 X 3 mm Stainless Steel Torx Socket Head Screw

    • 6 x M2 X 3.5 mm Stainless Steel Spacer

    • HIBI travel case (purple)

    • HIBI¬†screwdriver¬†

    This product is sold without switches, stabilisers, keycaps or USB cables.



    This product contains soft plastic that will wear/age with time, as per HIBI’s injection molded part standards.

    HIBIKI is constructed with Polycarbonate, a soft material that will scratch and scuff over time. Scratches and marks may be more noticeable, given the clear-polish finish. It's intended to develop character over time, unique to each user - but if this isn't for you - we recommend you take extra caution when handling your keyboard. Refunds/returns will not be permitted once the protective film is removed.

    VERY HIBI with GMK Amethyst Dark
    VERY HIBI with GMK Beta
    VERY HIBI with GMK Beta close-up
    CHOC with GMK Noire
    CHOC with GMK Sloth
    CHOC with JTK Night Sakura
    CHOC with GMK Chocolatier
    VERY HIBI with GMK Hallyu
    VERY HIBI with Novelkeys Cherry Taro
    VERY HIBI with JTK Night Sakura
    VERY HIBI with GMK Amethyst
    SNOW BOY with Noire
    SNOW BOY with JTK Night Sakura