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In collaboration with GMK MICTLÀN, HIBI offers a vibrant keycap, sure to lift your spirits.

GMK Mictlán draws its inspiration from the popular Mexican holiday: The Day of the Dead. 

HIBI's keycap features a colourful calaveras motif, the common symbol of the festivity, which is a celebration of life and death. 


Anodised aluminium w/ quad-enamel fill.
Cherry Profile - R1, 1U

GROUP BUY: 3 June to 3 July 2022 


These caps will be sold exclusively through:

  • United States: Novelkeys
  • Canada: Desk Hero
  • México: Rheset
  • Europe: Oblotzky Industries
  • United Kingdom: ProtoTypist
  • Oceania: Daily Clack
  • Southeast Asia: iLumkb
  • China: zFrontier
  • South Korea: KLC Playground