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DOUGH is back.

Back again.

DOUGH is back.

Improved ergonomics

We've revised the design of DOUGH to include a cut-out to make sliding cards easier. This groove adds a nice aesthetic touch to the DOUGH's sharp design.

New silicone strap

Your cards will be held securely with a durable silicone strap. These new straps will retrofit the original DOUGH wallets and can be purchased separately in a four-pack (select: PACK 'O' STRAPS) if you want to mix and match.

New colours

We're excited to offer DOUGH in two exciting new HIBI colours in lightweight aluminium!

These new colours perfectly match our POCKET PULLER, also on pre-order here.

  1. OFFICE BEIGE (E-coat aluminium)
  2. MORALLY GREY (Anodised aluminium)

DOUGH holds approximately five cards and two standard SD cards.


PRODUCTION In production.


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If you're interested in our in-stock variants, click here.



  • Materials: Anodised or e-coat aluminium body, silicone strap
  • Dimensions: 94.2mm H x 64.5mm W x 8.3mm D
  • Capacity:¬†¬†Approximately¬†five cards and two standard SD cards
  • Weight: Approximately 60.00g

Important notes:

Pre-order close: 30 JUNE 2024.

FULFILMENT: 3 months from pre-order close

* Orders bundled with products will be fulfilled at the same time.


    Please be aware that due to the inherent complexities and variability of the coating process, exact colour matching to provided references cannot be guaranteed. The nature of this process can result in variations in hue or saturation. While we endeavour to achieve the closest possible match, there may be slight deviations in the final anodised/e-coated colour as compared to initial references or rendered images. The inconsistencies are due to the chemistry involved in the process which can be influenced by numerous variables such as the alloy being coated, bath temperature, time in the bath, and the concentration of the solution. In particular, the final product may not align with the rendered images 100 percent. This is not indicative of a fault or flaw, but rather a characteristic of the coating processes. By proceeding with your order, you acknowledge and accept these potential variations in colour. We appreciate your understanding and patience, and assure you that every effort is made to minimise these discrepancies while delivering a high-quality anodised finish.