Option-O Lagom P64 FORKS

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Our friend Mick Squires came to us with a unique problem - the flat forks on his Lagom P100 grinder meant he had to hold the portafilter in place physically. Otherwise, it would fall out!

Who's got time for that - especially in a commercial setting? The answer is 'not us'.

So, together, we modelled and prototyped new forks that locked the portafilter in place.

The Lagom P64 also faces this same problem but features different measurements. This product has been designed to accommodate the 'updated' Lagom P64.

There are several differences - so please refer to the spec sheet below and read the important notes.

The key differences are the height of the part (P64 has a taller part) and the screw placements (P64 screws are spaced further apart).

These new forks are available in anodised black and silver and are designed to look as OEM as possible.


Aluminium - bead blasted and anodised 

Weight: Approx. 40 grams



FORKS ARE DESIGNED TO FIT 58mm PORTAFILTER. Tested and 100% with (La Marzocco, Synesso, Pasado & KVD) 

COMPATIBLE: Option-O Lagom P64 (units manufactured AUGUST 2022 onwards)

The updated model is described here

NOT COMPATIBLE: 'OLD' P64 or the P100 (order compatible forks here)

Please, again, note: this model has been tested and fits the Option-O P64 grinder. This part does not fit the OLD P64 grinder OR the P100.


    These forks are designed to fit the P64 model with 12mm distance center screw locations. Please refer to the IMPORTANT NOTES and specifications before purchasing.