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Meet MIA, the 6% macropad you've been missing.

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Introducing the HIBI × Witch Girl® MIA Macropad - the perfect sidekick (or familiar) to your set-up. 

We've teamed up with our good friends at Mintlodica to offer a magical take on MIA, our six-key (or 6%) macropad.

Available in a bewitching blush pink, MIA x Witch Girl comes with matching BLOCK keycaps. We've incorporated the iconic Witch Girl motifs into the top and side profile of MIA in sage, which matches the silicone base and serves up a spell-binding colour combination.

About MIA

MIA is HIBI's six-key macropad, designed from machined aluminium with a custom-moulded silicone base. Inside, you'll find a tried and tested wilba.tech hotswap PCB. MIA comes with six custom BLOCK keycaps, which can be customised to your heart's desire.


  • Aluminium case with enamel fill
  • Silicone base
  • wilba.tech PCB (hotswap)
  • HIBI USB-c cable
  • 6x HIBI BLOCK keycaps in blush

Switches are not included with MIA.

About Witch Girl

The Witch Girl collection is inspired by motifs near and dear to their designer, Mintlodica. Witch Girl encourages you to cast spells with the moon, fight with swords, and lean on nature. 

Get your hands on this limited-edition MIA Macropad today, and explore the matching JUNE and JUNIOR keyboards here.

Fulfilment ETA: +4-5 months from pre-order close (Sep-Oct 2024)


Please be aware that due to the inherent complexities and variability of the anodising process, exact colour matching to provided references cannot be guaranteed. The nature of this process can result in variations in hue or saturation. While we endeavour to achieve the closest possible match, there may be slight deviations in the final anodised colour as compared to initial references or rendered images. The inconsistencies are due to the chemistry involved in anodising which can be influenced by numerous variables such as the alloy being anodised, bath temperature, time in the bath, and the concentration of the anodising solution. In particular, the final anodised product may not align with the rendered images 100 percent. This is not indicative of a fault or flaw, but rather a characteristic of the anodising process. By proceeding with your order, you acknowledge and accept these potential variations in colour. We appreciate your understanding and patience, and assure you that every effort is made to minimise these discrepancies while delivering a high-quality anodised finish.