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Meet DOUGH, our new cardholder.

Offered in raw aluminium, this DOUGH version is made locally here in Melbourne, Australia.

DOUGH holds approximately five cards and two standard SD cards.

The uncoated raw aluminium finish will add unique character over time with individual wear. Patterns from the raw aluminium block will also be highlighted - please refer to the photos below.

If you want our other anodised aluminium and brass variants, click here.


  • Materials: Raw aluminium body, elastic nylon strap
  • Dimensions: 94.2mm H x 64.5mm W x 8.3mm D
  • Capacity:¬†¬†Approximately¬†five cards and two standard SD cards
  • Weight: Approximately 60.00g

** DOUGH LOVER Bundle - automatically save 10% when you purchase three or more DOUGH wallets. **

Important notes:

The final finish of the elastic nylon spandex strap, used for securing cards within our wallet, is currently in production. The design and manufacturing specifications have not yet been fully completed or finalized. The final product will vary slightly from the prototypes shown below.

It is also important to note that while we are working diligently to produce a high-quality and durable strap, factors such as normal wear and tear, usage outside of our recommended guidelines, or specific environmental conditions can influence the lifespan and effectiveness of the strap. Please ensure that you use the strap as intended and take the necessary care to prolong its lifespan.


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