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Meet HIBIKI, our 65% keyboard, back in forged carbon fibre.


HIBIKI is a 65% keyboard with a strikingly curved profile and a visually stunning injection-moulded polycarbonate base.

We've spent 12 months working with various suppliers and investing in different tooling and construction methods. Finally, we've landed on a forged carbon fibre top worth bearing the HIBIKI name.

HIBIKI FORGED CARBON FIBRE is the first keyboard from our special projects division. We've decided to run this sale following the fulfilment of HIBIKI before we store away several manufacturing tools and components (economically, it makes sense). 


You read that correctly. The top is made from actual forged carbon fibre, using a custom tool we have been developing for the past year. Unlike cheaper products that look like forged carbon fibre but actually aren't, this is the real deal.

As part of the R+D journey, we prototyped several rounds of an 'alternative' FCF process that was essentially a carbon body wrapped in carbon fibre film.

With each prototype came disappointment. We just couldn't settle, and so we didn't.

We'll share a side-by-side between two prototypes, and you'll understand why this was never an option.

For example, the shimmering detail and interesting textures are unique to real carbon fibre, and next to a carbon fibre film, there is no comparison.

And honestly, the textures and shiny details are the whole point.

The downside to using legit FCF is that the material is more brittle, which can develop little cracks between the layers of real forged carbon fibre. If perfection is for you, then this keyboard might not be.

Make no mistake: this is a premium material that is expensive to buy and difficult to manufacture.

Every single HIBIKI FCF is unique, as the patterns and texture cannot be duplicated. This edition will be extremely limited, so don't count on extras. Being such a complex and expensive product, 

HIBIKI is named after our four-legged best bud, HIBIKI (the dog).

Important details: 

  • 65% layout
  • 6-degree typing angle
  • Isolation mount using 1.6mm PORON foam pads with a leaf spring plate
  • Forged Carbon Fibre Top
  • Polycarbonate Base
    • Thick injection-moulded Polycarbonate, post-machined to remove markings and finished with additional polishing
  • wilba.tech WT65-H3-HIBI PCB
    • Supports full and split backspace, 7U and 6.25U spacebar
    • Over-current and ESD protection
    • Kailh hot-swap sockets rated at 5,000 cycles
    • QMK and VIA support
  • 4.0mm PORON foam sheet compressed between PCB and plate to optionally change the sound profile by filtering out higher frequencies to create a warmer tone
  • OPTIONAL: additional solderable PCB to support¬†ISO, 6.25U+5 mods, stepped capslock


1. Is HIBIKI VIA compatible?


2. Can I count on extras if I miss the pre-order window? 

No, but there will be a small allocation available after the pre-order fulfils, at a higher price.

3. Will I regret not joining the pre-order?



Soon. Drop your email in the 'notify me' section up top.




HIBIKI is now fully-tooled

This is the second run of HIBIKI, meaning we're production-ready.

The base, feet, and custom case are tooled and ready to rock. The other components are tried and tested, and test again.

Please click here to see what to expect from our off-tooled injection moulded, post-finished parts! 


Overall Dimensions

Hotswap Layout Options
    • 1 x¬†FCF top¬†

    • 1 x Polycarbonate base

    • 1 x wilba.tech¬†WT65-H3-HIBI PCB (hotswap)

    • 1 x 1.5mm polycarbonate plate¬†

    • 1 x¬†PORON sheet (Gaskets)

    • 1 x¬†PORON sheet - Plate foam

    • 4 x HIBI rubber feet

    • 8 x M2.5*12 mm Anodised Aluminium Hex Socket Head Screw¬†

    • 4 x M2 X 4 mm Stainless Steel Torx Socket Head Screw
    • 6 x M2 X 3 mm Stainless Steel Torx Countersunk Screw

    • 6 x M2 X 3 mm Stainless Steel Torx Socket Head Screw

    • 6 x M2 X 3.5 mm Stainless Steel Spacer

    • HIBI travel case (purple)

    • HIBI¬†screwdriver¬†

    This product is sold without switches, stabilisers, keycaps or USB cables.


    fc top view
    fc side macro
    fc top detail
    fc qtr view
    fc qtr macro