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Our new keyboard stand, suks.

(see what we did there?)

For years, we have struggled to find a high-quality metal keyboard stand.

So, we made our own and are thrilled with where we've landed: a quality yet affordable single unit keyboard stand named suks.

We wanted to create an affordable option because if you're anything like us - you'll need a few.

That's why we're excited to offer two bundle options that offer better value!

We've also designed suks to be as economical to ship as possible and spent far too long on custom pizza box-inspired packaging and artwork.

The stainless steel construction means suks can support even the chonkiest of builds, and the silicone touch points ensure you won't damage your keyboard.

We have pre-tooled the silicone feet, finalised our suks prototypes, and couldn't be happier with the results. That means - suks is ready to go - and production will be rapid (2-3 months from pre-order close).

If you're looking for the perfect way to store and display your keyboard, you've found it.

Please note that pricing is valid for pre-orders only. Once this product goes in stock, the price will increase.


  • 3-piece steel construction
  • Custom silicone feet and contact points



Made from 316L Stainless steel with custom molded silicone feet 


Powder-coated steel with custom-molded silicone feet 

Did you want to mix and match bump-ons? We've got some extra packs here! 

Pre-order open: 11 March 2024

Pre-order close: 11 April 2024


Minor imperfections may be present due to the sheet metal forming process. Similarly, the powder coating process might result in minor imperfections on the surface. Additionally, while our polished sheet metal parts undergo careful polishing, slight markings may still be visible. Please be aware that our polished stainless steel parts are only polished on the exterior, and the interior may not reflect the same finish. We strive to ensure that bends are as close to 90 degrees as possible, although slight variations may occur. We appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy using our product.

powder coated side 1
stainless steel qtr
powder coated with hibiki
powder coated qtr 2
stainless steel with hibiki rear
powder coated detail 1
powder coated qtr 1
powder coated detail 2
powder coated with hibiki rear
powder coated front