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Updates: HIBIKI Pre-Order

The pre-order for HIBIKI has now closed, and production is underway, please see below for the current status.
Current status: In production
 Key milestone Status

Production (core components)

- Aluminium tops

- PC base

- PC plate

Production numbers have been collated and finalised. Core components have been ordered.

In progress.

Pudding keycaps




Pudding keycaps are at our warehouse.


(Solderable & Hot-Swap)

Design: Finalised

Production numbers: Finalised

Production time: 6 weeks has placed production order.




External packaging - in design

Internal (carry case) - design finalised, production will begin shortly.

Additional parts

(Screws, feet, plate foam, Poron pads, screw driver)


Screws: complete

Poron Pads: TBA

Feet: TBA

Screw driver: TBA


4 Jan 2023:

The aluminium tops have started milling, and the bases have started tooling.

7 Feb 2023:

Our manufacturer has advised that the aluminium tops are due to complete CNC milling this month. The tops are booked for anodising/e-coating in March. 

The polycarbonate bases are currently underway. Our manufacturer is testing the materials, with tooling booked for March.

The current ETA for manufacturing completion is early June 2023. This ETA does not include inbound shipping & QC at our warehouse in Melbourne, Australia.

We're excited to share the packaging design with you in the coming weeks.

At this stage, everything is on track for August 2023.


13 March 2023

Pudding keycaps have been completed, and have been dispatched to our warehouse. Orders that have not been combined with a HIBIKI will be dispatched shortly after being recieved.


30 March 2023 

Pudding keycaps are at our warehouse, and individual orders will begin shipping in the coming days. Orders combined with HIBIKI or other pre-order products will be fulfilled together.

The HIBIKI tops are finishing CNC this week and will be bead-blasted before they are e-coated or anodised (depending on the colour). The Polycarbonate bases are tooling - and the next step is hand mirror polishing.

The polycarbonate plates are also completing CNC and will be bead-blasted in the coming weeks.

The PCB's will be ordered shortly. Various packing and components will be ordered over the coming weeks.

At this stage, our target completion date of August 2023 remains.

Images from our manufacturer:

15 April 2023

PCB order has been placed, completion ETA is 6 weeks.


* HIBIKI will be packed by our overseas manufacturer, before being shipped to Australia for QC and fulfilment. Therefore, the production of components with shorter production times will be coordinated to align with this timeline.

ETA is currently August 2023.

For specific queries, please email referencing your order number.