ALL-SORTS have been ordered, with production scheduled for completion in late-February 2023.

Aluminium trays: COMPLETE

Silicon bases: COMPLETE

Packaging: COMPLETE

ALL-SORTS are on track to be fulfilled from our Melbourne warehouse in March 2023.

13 March 2023:

ALL-SORTS have landed in Melbourne, Australia and are due to arrive at our warehouse this week.


27 February 2023: 

ALL-SORTS Trays have been anodised, and are finishing up with laser engraving, before being quality checked by our manufacturer prior to shipment. If all units pass QC, then the units will be dispatched to our Melbourne warehouse in the first 1-2 weeks of March.

We have a small amount of manufacturer extras available via our store page.

*If you ordered ALL-SORTS with HIBIKI, then your order will not be split.