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Introducing the result of the Season 7 collaboration between HIBI and Render Weekly: designing and rendering a custom mechanical keyboard keycap.

We're excited to bring to life the winning design by @jungkey.nyc using precision crafting. This keycap is machined from aluminium, ensuring the intricate details are not lost.

This design is somewhat of a juxtaposition - its sleek exterior boasts polished surfaces, while the inner surfaces retain their raw machine finish. With its chosen materials and finish, this keycap will age and begin to develop a distinct patina on its inner surfaces.


Raw polished aluminium, smooth finish
Cherry Profile - R1, 1U
Approx 5 grams 

PRE-ORDER: 12 June to 12 July 2023


These caps will be sold exclusively via:
US: Render Weekly

We were humbled by all of the amazing entries and the efforts taken by the participants. We'd like to thank everyone that entered and, of course, Render Weekly for fostering such a creative collaboration. 


    Please note the following important information regarding the machined finished aluminium used in this product: The aluminium material used in this product features a smooth surface finish; however, it is important to note that it is not mirror polished. While the surface exhibits a refined appearance, it may not achieve the reflective perfection associated with mirror-polished finishes. Due to the nature of aluminium, which is a relatively soft material, it is susceptible to wear and minor scratches over time with regular use. This is a natural characteristic of the material and should be expected, as it adds a unique patina and individuality to the product. The raw machined inner surfaces of the aluminium may develop a patina over time. This patina is a natural oxidation process that occurs due to exposure to the environment. It can result in subtle color changes and enhanced character, showcasing the authentic aging process of the material. We believe that these inherent qualities contribute to the charm and uniqueness of the product. Please consider these aspects before making your purchase, as they are part of the desired aesthetic and experience associated with machined finished aluminium.